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Using predefined class name as Class or Variable name in Java

In Java, Using predefined class name as Class or Variable name is allowed. However, According to Java Specification Language(§3.9) the basic rule for naming in J...
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Enum with Customized Value in Java

Prerequisite : enum in Java By default enums have their own string values, we can also assign some custom values to enums. Consider below example for that. Examples: ...
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Java Class File

A Java class file is a file containing Java bytecode and having .class extension that can be executed by JVM. A Java class file is created by a Java compiler from .j...
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Data types in Java

There are majorly two types of languages. First one is Statically typed language where each variable and expression type is already known at compile time.Once a var...
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StringBuffer appendCodePoint() Method in Java with Examples

The java.lang.StringBuffer.appendCodePoint(int cp)is the method which appends the string representation of the codePoint argument to this sequence. Syntax : public S...
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Blank Final in Java

A final variable in Java can be assigned a value only once, we can assign a value either in declaration or later. final int i = 10; i = 30; // Error because i...
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enum in Java

Enumerations serve the purpose of representing a group of named constants in a programming language. For example the 4 suits in a deck of playing cards may be 4 enum...
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For-each loop in Java

Prerequisite: Decision making in Java For-each is another array traversing technique like for loop, while loop, do-while loop introduced in Java5. It starts with th...
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Scope of Variables In Java

Scope of a variable is the part of the program where the variable is accessible. Like C/C++, in Java, all identifiers are lexically (or statically) scoped, i.e.scope ...
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Variables in Java

A variable is the name given to a memory location. It is the basic unit of storage in a program. The value stored in a variable can be changed during program execu...

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