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C GFacts C-Variable Declaration and Scope

How are variables scoped in C – Static or Dynamic?

In C, variables are always statically (or lexically) scoped i.e., binding of a variable can be determined by program text and is independent of the run-time function...
C C Basics cpp-macros

Interesting Facts about Macros and Preprocessors in C

  In a C program, all lines that start with # are processed by preprocessor which is a special program invoked by the compiler. In a very basic term, preprocessor takes a C program and pro...
C School Programming C Basics

Escape Sequences in C

In C programming language, there are 256 numbers of characters in character set. The entire character set is divided into 2 parts i.e. the ASCII characters set and th...

Benefits of C language over other programming languages

C is a middle-level programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie during the early 1970s while working at AT&T Bell Labs in the USA. The objective of its devel...
C Quiz C Basics C++ Basics

Compiling a C program:- Behind the Scenes

C is a high level language and it needs a compiler to convert it into an executable code so that the program can be run on our machine. How do we compile and run a C...
C School Programming C Basics

Variables and Keywords in C

A variable in simple terms is a storage place which has some memory allocated to it. Basically, a variable used to store some form of data. Different types of variabl...
C C-Variable Declaration and Scope C

Scope rules in C

Scope of an identifier is the part of the program where the identifier may directly be accessible. In C, all identifiers are lexically (or statically) scoped. C sco...

Why variable name does not start with numbers in C ?

In C, apart from keywords everything in the C program is treated as Identifier. Identifier can be the names given to variables, constants, functions and user-defined ...
C C Basics C

Initialization of global and static variables in C

Predict the output of following C programs. // PROGRAM 1 #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h>    int main(void) {   &#...
C C Basics C-Data Types

Data Types in C

Each variable in C has an associated data type. Each data type requires different amounts of memory and has some specific operations which can be performed over it. ...

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